institute for experimental robotics and interstellar stuff

state academy of art and design, stuttgart

The relationship between us and the technology around us is broken. Eventhough they are essential to our everyday lives we have no idea how they work. We are subject to trusting in the people who create technology to do the right thing, because more and more we hand power over our devices and services and therefore the gears that drive our lives to someone else. We as users have become just another variable in the calculation instead of being able to create our own path.

the free market suggests freedom of choice and power through our decisions of use and purchase. But how is this supposed to work if we have no idea about what we are using and what it is made of? Innovation has surpassed our social development and this results in either rejection and doubt or total embrace and blind trust. Technology is utterly neutral and we need to learn how to deal with the changes that we are going through. First we need to unterstand WHAT is happening and WHY. It is not about knowing all the details but understanding basic principles enabling us to evaluate developments around us better.

The Institute For Experimental Robotics and Interstellar Stuff (ERIS) is a question among many supposedly correct answers. Founded in 2017, the interdisciplinary lab provides technological and cultural sensorization and conducts anti-scientific research activities in the fields of human-machine coexistence and dealing with unforeseeable futures in general.

The Institute is built upon creative urge, hasty action and casual nescience.

We work on everything and nothing since we should not only see the final artifact as the only outcome but the process how it was achieved as an integral part of the whole cycle
the team currently consists of 15 units ( 13 human ) with different fields of operation including hardware hacking of lethal and non-lethal weapon systems, liquified truth theory and open heart surgery.

institute for experimental robotics and interstellar stuff (ERIS) | abk stuttgart | am weissenhof 1 | 70191 stuttgart